Monday, November 19, 2018

2018 Trail Care In Review

While I haven't mentioned it much, I have still been heavily involved in the maintenance of the trail network here in Cornubia this year. I try to keep some interest bubbling along in the mtb community by helping to organise and run the days, sometimes with great results and sometimes not so much.....

Clearly, I don't do it all myself and I wouldn't even dream of trying to claim that. We have a great group of guys that live in our street who put in waaay more time than they should, but by doing so, we get some great outcomes with the standard of trails we have here.

The wider mtb community is largely indifferent to trail care (despite paying nothing to use the trails infrastructure) with a very small percentage of participants actually giving up their time to help build some cool trail. I am not bitching about it any more, just pointing out that there is a small group of regulars (with the odd random blow in) who do pretty much all of the work. This is common to all of the trail care groups here in South East Queensland and probably Australia wide.

We still get pretty good support from Logan City Council with the supply of rock and road base whenever we request it. Higher level engagement seems to have fallen off a cliff this year though. Maybe the internal turmoil is to blame for that.

The RATS Cycling Club is a big supporter of our efforts. They purchased our trailer to house all of our equipment (which they purchased much of ) and they sponsor the BBQ and drinks that we put on after each days work is completed.
"What do clubs do" I hear asked.
Well, they support our sport.

This year volunteers put in 178 hours here in Cornubia Forest. In that time they moved approximately 10 tonnes of rock and 8 tonnes of road base (all by hand) during works on

  Wallum Froglet trail......

Ginger Gully trail..........

Birdwing Access Trail.........

and finally, Jack's Track..........

I am hoping we have some new faces along to trail care next year. The regulars have worked long (7+ years now) and hard during their involvement with Logan Community Trailcare Alliance and it would be great to have some relief on the horizon. We honestly could do sooooo much more and make the trails a far better riding experience if folks would just give back a little.

I am up-to-the-eyeballs busy and still spend a considerable time away from home with work, so if I can manage, surely others can put themselves out a little bit too?

I might go for a ride........ see you in 2019.


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  1. Outstanding effort all year mate and to all the other trail carers. Your efforts provide for the protection, sustainability, and enhancement of the forest. This also provides a safe bushland experience for other park users.


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