Friday, April 3, 2015

Reality Check

I, like many of my colleagues are being driven to distraction by the incessant, uninformed, gullible and just plain stupid media/public/relatives questions and opinions on the very unfortunate Germanwings incident last week.

I won't relive some of the absolute clangers that I have heard professed as "gospell" on what we do for a living. Suffice to say can so many seemingly intelligent people be so uninformed?

Patrick Smith at Ask The Pilot obviously couldn't take it any more and set about righting a few wrongs so please world, in the interests of accuracy, read his post at the link above and learn what we really do.

This quote from Mr Smiths excellent article very accurately sums up how we all feel -

"I am not sure what to say. For pilots, that a colleague may have intentionally crashed his plane and killed everyone on board, is not only horriffic but embarrassing, offensive and potentially stigmatising to the entire profession".

Safe skies.


  1. It is sad to think it might have been a purposeful act, but at the same time I wonder why they were so quick to blame the pilot. We haven't heard a lot about it, but then our news is censored pretty heavily.

    Be safe in all that you do.

    1. They are all eager to blame the pilot because it absolves the company of blame.
      Leaking the information they have is totally contrary to all good accident investigation proceedure. Our industry always waits until all the factos are gathered before making a conclusion but this will be all about public relations, not accurate reporting.
      It may yet come out that the company was aware or the company contributed to the situation through work practices and/or employment conditions. The aviation industry is on a "race to the bottom" with regard to costs but everyone needs to stop and ask what safety is really worth. Sad.


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