Monday, February 3, 2014

That Time Of The Year

Yes, it is trail building time again !! 

You may remember the last few years we have worked like slaves each Saturday for 15 weeks or so turn out a new mountain bike trail here in Cornubia Forest. Well, if not have a look here and here.

The next stage in our masterplan went into action this morning as a fully paid dig. Yep, thats right. We have obtained grants that are paying for Pete from Trailworx and 10 labourers from charity group Boystown to craft the trail out of the hillside that we have carefully marked out.

And it couldn't be going better. We cleared the corridor, then Pete  punched out about 300 metres(yards) of the 1200 metres of trail that we have to build, all on the first day!!

We are scrambling along behind him, trying to clean up the untidy bits. But it is bliss to see how easy a small excavator makes things.

This is what it is looking like so far.

This trail will give a whole new feel to Cornubian expeditions. Come along on Saturday the 8th of February for the huge tidy up day, then ride it, talk about it and enjoy the free BBQ and drinks.

Oh, yeah. Put your thinking caps on as well. We need a name for this trail and we don't have long to come up with one....



  1. Wow, manpower and equipment make it look a little easier this year. Congrats on the grant to help out.

  2. Not a blister to be seen! How good is this?

  3. Thats the easy way to build things. Good to see you got some help.

    The Road to Nowhere


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