Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Melbourne Meandering

My work took me to Melbourne for an overnight last week and we were lucky enough to stay in a city hotel rather than the usual airport version, so I got to have a stroll around the city streets for the morning.

The most obvious thing that you notice about Melbourne streets are the trams.

To the motorcyclist's eye though, you see the footpath parking. As far as I know this is the only place in Australia that it is legal to park on the foot path.

I can only speculate that this leads to higher rider participation rates as bikes just aren't as evident in other Aussie cities but that may simply be because they are hidden away.

Elizabeth Street hosts some large motorcycle dealerships and they also park some of their stock outside for the passers-by to ogle.

It is Melbourne, so coffee shops abound. You can park your steed right next to you while sipping a latte' or in this case, munching a meat pie.

Alas, my stay was short but I must say that I really like Melbourne as a city. It has great food and a real get-out -regardless-of-the-rubbish-weather attitude.

It was soon time to go dodging thunderstorms again.

Not much else going on around here at the moment but if something happens, you will be the first to know! ;)



  1. Yep Melbourne is a very bike friendly city, cept for the crap weather. And there's also a great many winding roads close by.

  2. It is nice you were able to wander the city. Always good to pass the time drooling over bikes. Cool that they can line the footpaths with them.

  3. It gives the city a different feel to see bikes so "in your face" all the time. I guess it sort of normalises them.


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