Saturday, July 27, 2013

New Hoops

About this time last year I went for a two day ride through northern New South Wales on the R1. You can read about that ride here.

That ride saw the end of the Bridgestone BT016 tyres that the bike came shod with. But here we are, 12 months later, with the same set of tyres fitted. What The?!? I hear you ask. Well, I am a bit of a tight arse and due to a lack of riding I put off buying a new set of tyres.

I had to commute to work for a few days last month and of course it was raining....and my tyres were shot....and my pucker factor was at "full clench".  Firetruck! I need new tyres!

So, off I went, credit card in hand to the local Yamaha dealer. I was hoping for the best but expecting the worst. Well, I was pleasantly surprised as a set of Michelin Pilot Power Pure tyres, in the correct size for my R1 were to be had for just $399. Fitted no less! Putting that into perspective that is about $100 less than they used to cost 10 years ago. Minor win! They even tensioned my clunky steering head bearings for free. Another win!

Riding (gingerly) away from said dealer I instantly noticed the difference in handling. On the old, shagged tyres I had to muscle the bike into a corner, then hold steering pressure on the bars to hold it into the turn. This was very uncomfortable and disconcerting. With the new tyres fitted the bike simply rolled over into a turn and sat there, exactly where I put it. Woo Hoo! I had forgotten how good new rubber feels.

Fat rubber.

New front hoop = accurate steering. Win.

The 'cycle has 29 600km(18 500mi) on the clock so it will be interesting to see how many km I get out of the Michelins. I am not expecting mega miles as I want sticky tyres first and foremost. To be honest, if I get 5000km out of the set I will be happy. And (somewhat embarrassingly) at the rate I currently ride both my kids will nearly be finished high school before it is time to go tyre shopping again!

I will be doing my best to change this sad fact soon.



  1. 18,000 miles on a set of tyres. Awesome. I made it 6500 on my Dunlops.

    Nothing like a long ride on fresh rubber!!

    1. Not sure how long the Bridgestones were on the bike Brandy. I would guess they were less than 5-6000km (3750mi) old. I was just making a note of the kilometres for future reference. I find the blog makes an excellent diary. ;)

  2. Woo hoo baby's got new shoes. Ah the old poor handling how do i fix it, with new tyres of course. You outa get 6500kms out of those babys.

    Careful you have to let the michelins warm up a bit before giving it the berries other wise they'll break out into a slide. Good tyres though.

    1. Yeah, the guy at the bike shop warned me about warming them up. Wasn't that always a problem back in the 500cc GP days with michelins? Lots of high sides on cold tyres?


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