Monday, May 6, 2013

3 Ring Circus

After working ALL weekend I managed to get out onto the trails for a head clearing ride this morning.

A bonus was that I could hit up 2 of the 3 competed new tracks on this side of town. Yes, trail building has been ongoing even though I haven't been blogging about it. To be honest, I didn't want to bore you with it any more as I have been working and haven't got along to a build day for about 3 weeks now. The only thing worse than trail building blogs is trail building blogs without photos.

That said, I managed to ride the Resurrection Part B trail (we need a name for this thing) this morning and the guys had made good progress on Saturday.

It is amazing how dusty the ground. All of that moisture has gone.

This new section is a tough climb and I am not sure how popular it will be with riders as a two way trail. Time will tell.

Heading over to Daisy Hill I first had a look at a new trail that has been cut to replace one that was closed due to the owners of the block finally developing it. The guys had a good turn out of volunteers and have as much trail in two Sundays as we have got in 3 months of Saturdays. I wish we could just mow our trail in!

Good work guys and awesome signage.

From "Mad Max" I then headed over toward the new "Glider" trail. The guys put the finishing touches on the first section last Friday afternoon. It looks like the trail has had plenty of traffic over the weekend and it rides very nicely. It will suit beginners right up to experienced riders, just by adding speed.

I particularly like the huge rock that they winched into place on the trail. It creates an awesome, easily ridden feature and "makes" this section of the track.

The local council have provided a small container to hold the trail building gear so there will be no access issues. I think the naming of the group is a bit harsh though?!

By the time I headed for home my mental focus had opened up from being 2 inches in front of my front wheel to well down the trail, where it should be. I have been feeling a distinct lack of love for all things MTB the last few weeks and today was the first time since my bike packing trip that I have enjoyed myself on the bike.

Too much of a good thing? Burnout? Too much work? I am not sure, but maybe a combination of all 3. I have a few more weeks of working weekends so we will see what next month's roster brings. In the mean time, here is to more enjoyment on the bike.



  1. At least MTB is something the kids enjoy doing too so it is a family hobby.

    Working weekends doesn't sound like any fun, but I guess that is why work is a 4-letter word.

    I am trying to figure out the sign on the tool shed. Are they calling you guys basic or are they calling you tools?

    Cheers and don't work too hard.

    1. All 3. They are basic trail tools....Not my group see, so thats ok. ;)
      Yeah, working weekend sux because I basically don't see the family then.

    2. Hey your working for FREE!!! Thats the worst type of four lettered word.
      If you already have a trail called the resurrection, the how about the crucifiction.

    3. Looks like it is called "Ginger Gully".


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