Sunday, August 12, 2012

Murphy's Creek

Yesterday, I grabbed one of the kids, bundled them into the car along with a tent, some food and our bikes. Camping was the plan for the weekend.

And that was about as far as the plan went too. Another full week left little time for preparation so I took the minimalist approach figuring that what didn't kill us would only make us plan better next time.

Fellow MTBer and SingleSpeed Machine, Chris, chose the location for a kids camping weekend and it proved to be a great choice. Murphy's Creek Escape has a low key campground overlooking what is left of Murphy's Creek after the January 2011 floods. With just enough civilities, but not too manicured, it fit the bill perfectly.

We took the kids on a 14km(9mi) out and back ride. There was plenty of climbing and lots of very loose, sandy trail but the kids handled it with ease. I am becoming less suprised, but still suitably proud of their rate of improvement. Great to watch!

It is funny how they will be absolutely beat, then when you pull out some snacks, they have another 10km in the legs!

A great weekend was had by all four of us and I am looking forward to the next weekend when we can get out there and be amazed by how far the kids have progressed....again.


  1. Awesome pictures. Such beautiful scenery. It looks as though everyone had fun.

    I sure wish I had the energy the kids do. Snacks are always good for helping to carry on. Or the promise of snacks at the end of the ride can be great motivation too.

  2. Yeah, they continued to run at full speed when we got back to camp too. Must stop handing out chocolate coated coffee beans mid ride :)

  3. I like the pic of the 2 kids holding hands.


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