Saturday, June 9, 2012

Furry Friends

I thought I might post up some photos of one of the many furry friends that are regular visitors here at A.V.F.A. HQ.

We have become so accustomed to seeing them that we pay them little attention but yesterday afternoon this little Red Necked Wallaby seemed a bit less skittish than the other regulars, so I grabbed the camera. She seemed almost happy to stand around in front of the man cave and pose for me. A typical female?!

Talking to a visiting Magpie?

 While not much of a green thumb, I love the Bougainvillia plants for their massive show of colour almost year round. I don't like their massive thorns quite as much. Especially when I am mowing the lawn. She had stopped here for a good scratch. Unfortunately due to the low light I couldn't get a clear shot of it, but suffice to say it was funny to watch her scratch her pouch.

Then it was time to head off and see if the neighbour's lawn was as sweet and tasty as ours.

We also get Koalas in the trees. We can hear them grunting quite loudly during the quiet of night, but we are yet to actually see one in the backyard. The neighbours have seen them transiting the yard though.

While many Aussie cliches' abound (ha!), not everyone down here has kangaroos hopping through their yards. Actually, very few at all in an urban setting. We are lucky in that we back onto the bush (forest) and the majority of residents in our street do not have fences around their yards. This allows the free movement of wildlife and adds to the serenity that we enjoy....and that I perhaps take for granted at times.


  1. Flyboy: Awww. So sweet and your lawn!!! Park the *take for granted* on the the (not) To Do List ;-) Lovely. I was rolling round your turf today in Daisy and the little hoppy ones were abound everywhere! Miff

    1. Good to hear that you got your single track groove back on.

  2. I always enjoy it when the wildlife comes into the yard. Except raccoons - because they crap in the sequoia tree (I do not appreciate this)

    Do the wallaby eat your shrubbery at all when they come through?

    And I must day - if it was standing by the man cave naked and scratching it's pouch - it sounds more male than female, bahahaha

    1. Racoons make good hats-yes, I grew up with Fess Parker as Daniel Boone..and Gilligan-but lets not go there!
      The roos don't seem to eat anything but the lawn. And unless there is a surgeon performing sex change ops on the local wildlife, it was deinitly a "she". Probably trying to get her credit card out of the pouch.....


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