Saturday, April 21, 2012

Man Cave

Every man needs a place to go where he can work on his toys, "sharpen the mower blades" and generally have his little piece of serenity.

I finally managed to negotiate mine about this time last year as a part of some general renovations that were being carried out. Of course, being a tight arse and knowing exactly how I wanted it set out, I tried to be as involved in the build as possible. This ensured a Man Cave at minimum cost and maximum quality (in my opinion).

The process was documented in excruciating detail. Being the humble Man Cave Owner that I am, I will only subject you to a fraction of the hard disk filler that was recorded!

What got me thinking about my Man Cave's path into being was a bit of time spent in it this afternoon. I was just tidying up a bit and planning for some service work on the R1. I have had these odds and ends on hand for a while now and am hoping to service her and fit up the new braided brake lines next weekend.

While doing this I spied an old picture frame in the corner. This gave me an idea for what to do with my 7 year old's first school project. He was so proud of putting together a small talk and photo collage about a walk we did to the top of Australia last year and I thought it needed a better home than the front of my beer fridge!

So, a short time later I had it framed up and hanging from the Cave wall. I think it looks pretty damn good and know he will be chuffed when he sees it hanging there.

While I am at it, this is where my R1 resides. She is a very patient girl, only having been outside three times since she moved in on the 13th of January.

blogger that I follow in sunny Oregon recently put out a photo challenge for her followers to take a photo of themselves at their blogging station. Now, in the interest of not scaring anyone, I decided not to put my ugly mug in peoples faces and therefore feel guilty about the outcome when people threw themselves under moving buses.....

No, not for me. But I do have a challenge for my motorcyclista (and cyclista) followers to post up where your motorcycle (or bicycle) lives. After the above blog, it isn't hard to work out where my blue beast lives, but I would be interested to see where you keep your bikes. So, please put a link to your blog in the comments section below and tell us where your toy lives.

Edit: These are the links that have been posted so far in the comment section. Thanks for your contributions and remember it doesn't matter where you keep your bike, be it in a shed or on the street or in your room. Post a picture up and be proud!




Rob Mcglinn

V Star Lady




Circle Blue


  1. Here's where my bike lives, but you've already seen it.

  2. Great post. Thanks for the shout out.

    That is a pretty nice man cave you have there. We have a one car garage stuffed with two motorcycles, 3 bicycles, lawnmower, clothes washer and dryer, and is covered in cork dust now from our floor install. I'll snap a pic for you and post it up, but it is pretty scary.

  3. Alrighty, I did it. Here's the link.

  4. Great challenge and I'm jealous of your cave!


    You can only get away with this by being a 27-yr old with a very forgiving girlfriend and your own townhouse haha. FYI - the commuter is in the carport and the mountain bike is in the small shed. I cant wait to own a garage and make myself a proper man cave.

    Check out this dream cycling man cave:

  6. Fun challenge - My Star lives with her Pal Randy in a one time farm milk house come shed ...

  7. I found your challenge on Chillertek's blog. Here's my garage:

  8. great place! hi there, i found you through trobairitz. heres mine; its a vague post staying in line with the stark garage, lol!

  9. I see a problem with my shed now. I doesn't seem to have enough bikes in it! I need to get my 1969 T250 Post Classic racer in there...stat. And maybe a GS800 Beemer.....and.................
    Thanks for all the posts guys. It is very interesting to see how similar we all are despite living in different corners of the world.

    Keep them coming.

  10. Flyboy:

    I wished I could have your man cave, but I have nowhere to put your building.

    My V-strom has to park outside in the carport

    Riding the Wet Coast
    My Flickr // My YouTube

  11. Here's where my Symba, Billie lives.

    Circle Blue.


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