Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Back on the bike

After what seems like forever, I was finally able to head out into the bush for a ride today. Mr Garmin is telling me it has been three weeks since I last managed the feat and to be honest I was thinking that it was going to hurt. The fitness drops off quickly, as do the technical skills, so to get the tech skills on the mend I started with some easy Cornubia trails, then dropped into Nirvana at Daisy Hill for some further honing. Somewhat surprisingly, the legs weren't rebelling on me at all! They responded at all the appropriate moments when a burst of power was required and I looked after them by not crashing through the shrubbery and cutting them to shreds.

The trails were in surprisingly good condition after the absolute drowning we have had in the last few weeks. Just a puddle here and there where you would expect them, but apart from that, hero dirt everywhere. The wind has taken it's toll on the gum trees though, with several trees down across trails and numerous very large branches re-decorating the bush.

I was just happy to be out pedalling. There is nothing like a good ride to clear the mind and sort the wheat from the chaff of what is important to me. This housekeeping has been missing these last few weeks and it is easy to fall into negativity when I am confined to sitting on my bum for too long.

I almost had the forest to myself as well. The only other traffic I encountered were three overly perfumed "school moms" puffing their way up the Buhot Creek circuit climb. At least they had high visibility pink on and were easy to see. They looked like they had taken a wrong turn on the way to the coffee shop, but good on them for getting outside and having a go!

With the regular Daisy Hill wednesday morning ride tomorrow I did not want to overdo it, so after a short time I headed for home via some sweet Cornubian singletrack. The drop (above) was great training for the mad downhills in the Epic this year. Wallum Froglet is getting better and better as it beds in and definitely left a smile on my face.

Another thing to leave a smile is this great video I found while cruising mountain biking blogs. The trails in the States are just jaw dropping and some of these guys and girls know how to capture the moment. Check out this offering from Chris at Gooney Riders . He is one talented MTBer.

Bring on tomorrow morning!


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