Saturday, May 21, 2011

Random Ramblings

There is still not much direction here at Flyboy HQ. Various rides have occurred which spawn some photographic opportunties, but nothing that really rates a post of it's own so here are some shots from these random days.

Starting from the latest, last weekend at Old Hidden Vale, the Merida 24hr.

Merida 24hr OHV. 14th May 2011

Merida 24hr.

Graham, Merida 24hr, on his way to 4th place in the distinguished gents class.

Lucy sharpening her skills, OHV.

Plane spotting.


A work trip recently saw me strolling around Castle Hill, Townsville.
Magnetic Island from Castle Hill.

WWII pillbox, Castle Hill.

Digger's outlook.


The Goat Track.

The Eastern Escarpment ride returns, May 2011.

The cow shed stop.

The top, looking north east.

That last "burn" to the top.

That is the gist of what has been happening around here lately minus the pics of me digging holes, then filling them in. Now that it is drying out a bit and the building has finished I am looking forward to getting back into the bush and the riding. More soon...

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